You can Rely on Us

V-BANK has a clearly focused, low-risk, transparent Business Model.

As the first bank for independent asset managers we exclusively focus on this client group. Unlike other banks and savings banks, we principally do not engage in risky business sections such as corporate lending or investment banking. Therefore, we do not offer any products of our own (placement and liability risk) and are a non-trading book institution (market price risk).

Our credit business is limited to lending against securities only. Compared to the industry, volumes are absolutely low, and lending criteria very conservative.

V-BANK is free of any bad debts.

Management and employees hold 9.6% of the shares in V-BANK, and therefore act with the sense of responsibility of an independent entrepreneur and not of a corporate manager or an ordinary employee. About 75.4% of the share capital is held by independent asset managers and family offices directly in “their” bank, of which 45.4% by HORUS V-Bank Holding GmbH. Founding investor Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG holds another 15.0% via its subsidiary W&W Gesellschaft für Finanzbeteiligungen mbH.

The business model of V-BANK is marked by sustainable growth. The market share of independent asset managers is growing steadily. Current studies show that the trend is clearly away from commission-driven to interest-free consulting. In addition, more and more bank advisors in private banking become independent asset managers.

Further information on the topic of security can be found in our presentation "Security and Trust" and under "Figures and Facts"