Figures and Facts

Establishment and Development

Established in 2008 as Germany's first bank for asset managers.
As of 30 November 2020, V-BANK managed deposited monies of 450 bank-independent asset managers and single family offices in the amount of approx. 24.6 billion Euros.
Average investment volume per client: about 820,000 Euros.

Balance Sheet

Two years after V-Bank had been set up in 2008, the profit zone was achieved.
In 2019, V-BANK generated a profit before tax of approx. 5.8 million Euros.
Here you will find our financial reports.


Currently, V-BANK, which is located in Munich, employs 71 employees, inclusive of the members of the management board.
The same number of employees exclusively supports us at our external partners.


  • 82.2 %asset managers and family offices

    • of which 47.9% FS V-Bank Holding GmbH

  • 15.0 %W&W Gesellschaft für Finanzbeteiligung GmbH

  •   2.8 %management/employees

As of 31 March 2020


The core capital ratio ("SolvV", German Solvency Regulations) is 13.9 percent as of 31 October 2020. Thus, the new equity requirements required pursuant to Basel III have already been met. Liable equity capital is freely disposable at any time and, therefore, a genuine additional risk protection. The regulatory liquidity coverage ratio of the European Union was exceeded by about 138 percent as of 31 October 2020.

V-BANK AG is a member of the Einlagensicherungsfonds des Bundesverbandes deutscher Banken (Deposit Protection Fund of the Federal Association of German Banks). Account balances of up to an amount of approx. 8.179 million Euros per client are protected (as of 4 August 2020).

Further information on the topic of security can be found in our presentation Security and Trust and here.