Rely on our Experience for your Start-up

Would you like to service your clients independent of products in the future? Would you like to enter into long-term interest-free partnerships with your clients instead of relying on sales targets, corporate interests or constant restructuring? Would you like to have entrepreneurial freedom?

We will support you. We are successful founders ourselves and know from our own experience what you will need at start-up and later in the years of development.

The Starter Package for your Independence

Use our comprehensive starter package. For example, we will provide you with necessary informational material and arrange, if needed, for networking with accountants and law firms.

Talk to our incorporation experts, Mr Marc Gasteiger and Mr Dietmar Hubner. Together we will develop your personal success strategy. First of all, the right questions must be clarified, such as:

  • Which licences do you need to successfully realise your business model?
  • Have you acquired your previous clients yourself or have you taken them over?
  • What do you think? How great will the portion of clients be who will accompany you in your steps toward independence?
  • Which concepts do you have to acquire prospective clients and turn them into clients later? How do you intend to retain clients on a long-term basis?
  • Are you prepared for the increasing regulatory requirements in terms of contents and personnel?
  • Does your business plan provide for a stress scenario?

Good planning is the best start. The best advisers dare taking the step to self-employment.